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Any person anywhere in Columbia or Jefferson City or in the surrounding area can have dry cleaning or laundry picked up at their home or work and returned within 48 hours. Its simple, easy and hassle free.


Robinson's Cleaners We'll Clean Anything

Our Dry Cleaner Tradition

Robinson’s Cleaners is a third generation drycleaners that has been in business for over 60 years. Currently there are 6 locations in the Columbia and Jefferson City area, which service most of Mid- Missouri. Kit and Casey own the business and are proud to have over 25 years experience in cleaning and processing all kinds of textiles in all kinds of ways. All textiles are done in Columbia at the processing plant on the Business Loop including all wedding gowns, suede and leather, furs, rugs, and of course regular dry cleaning and laundry.

We are proud to offer the best quality product and service available by using the most progressive, innovative techniques in dry cleaning processing. We are experts in textiles and offer the customer a superior level of service. Our mission is to provide you with a better service that is faster and smarter than anyone else, period.

Environmentally Friendly Dry Cleaning

Our dry cleaning fluid is non-hazardous. We are one of only three cleaners in Mid-Missouri that use this environmentally friendly solvent.  We change our cleaning fluid very week and distill some every time we clean a load.  What does that mean?  Whiter whites and brighter colors than any other cleaners.  Our wet cleaning and hand-washing techniques are exceptional so you know your most treasured garments will always come back as clean as possible and safe.  Did you know that not all cleaners use soap, along with their dry cleaning fluid?  Why?  Because it’s expensive.  Would you wash your clothes at home without soap?  Just another reason we are better, faster, smarter.

All pieces are pre-treated for spots and cleaned according to manufacturing directions, then finished by professional pressers in order to keep your garments looking great for a long time.

  • Laundered Shirts
    Shirts and pretreated at the collar and cuffs for stains and then cleaned using enzyme detergent in order to eat away stains such as body order and food which is the most the common staining on these type of garments.  
  • Household Items
    All household items are treated with extra care because of the extreme risk these items exhibit when cleaning.  
  • Bundle Service
    Bundle loads also called fluff loads, are garment that need to be washed and dried only with no pressing or dry cleaning involved.
  • Suede or Leather Garments
    Are suede and leather garments are cleaned by Casey in order to ensure the best quality skin care for you leather. 
  • Wedding Gowns
    Hems on gowns are hand cleaned and an anti-sugaring system rids dress of beer, champagne, food and other stains that break down dresses over time. 
  • Fire and Water Restoration
    All of our fire and water textiles are pretreated, cleaned and then recleaned if necessary. They are ozoned in our state of the art ozone room in order to rid the garment of any lasting smell.  
  • Odor Removal
    Pet, smoke, or mildew odor will be removed with our odor removal process.  
  • Rugs
    Rugs are pretreated for stains and then submersed in an extraction bath that gently lifts dirt to the surface of the rug.



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