Best Thing Around

Any person anywhere in Columbia or Jefferson City or in the surrounding area can have dry cleaning or laundry picked up at their home or work and returned within 48 hours. Its simple, easy and hassle free.



We provide great value in laundering your shirts.

1. We pre-spot your collar and cuffs at our counter immediately after it is brought in
      (very few cleaners do this step).
2. Your shirt is tagged and checked again for spots
3. Your shirt is sorted by color and starch preference.
4. Pre-treated for spots
5. Washed with an enzyme detergent (this detergent is essential in removing body odor, perspiration, blood, food, etc.)
6. Then non-chlorine bleach is added
7. Special additive to remove body oils and ring around the collar
8. Washed and rinsed for 45 minutes
9. Starched if necessary
10. Inspected
11. Rewashed if needed
12. Expertly pressed and hand finished
13. Sorted and tag removed (most cleaners leave the tag on)
14. You pick up and wear all for $3.45
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 Laundered Shirts
Shirts  $3.45
Folded Shirt                             $4.85
Heavy Starched Jeans               $7.90

Please download and print the Special Attention form and attach it to any piece that needs special attention

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