Laundered Shirts – $3.45 per shirt

 We pre-spot your collar and cuffs at our counter immediately after it is brought in  (very few cleaners do this step).

  • Your shirt is tagged and again checked for spots.
  • Your shirt is sorted by color and starch preference.
  • Pre-treated for spots.
  • Washed with an enzyme detergent (this detergent is essential in removing body odor, perspiration, blood, food, etc.).
  • Then non-chlorine bleach is added.
  • Special additive to remove body oils and ring around the collar.
  • Washed and rinsed for 45 minutes.
  • Starched if necessary.
  • Inspected.
  • Rewashed if needed.
  • Expertly pressed and hand finished.
  • Sorted and tag removed (most cleaners leave the tag on).

Wedding Dress Preservation – Starting at $84.00

The second thing you should do after you say “I do” is preserve your wedding gown. Gowns are a specialty item that requires expert cleaning and processing. All gowns are cleaned locally in Columbia, Missouri, and we guarantee them for life.

  • All wedding gowns cleaned locally and guaranteed for life.
  • Hems hand-cleaned
  • 99.9% Retention of beads and sequins.
  • Anti sugaring system (rids dress of beer champagne, food and other brown stains that break down a dress.)
  • Carefully sealed in a neutral box with acid free accessories.

Bundled Services –  $1.99 per pound with a ($19.99) minimum

Bundle loads, also called fluff loads, are garments that need to be washed and dried only, with no pressing or dry cleaning involved. Garments are weighed by the pound, separated for color, and wash dried and folded for you convenience. This is a great service for the busy mom, or the college student who does not have time to do their laundry.

Additional Services

Suede & Leather Garments

We are trained and certified to clean and re-dye your suede or leather coats. We process our own leather coat. Most cleaners send them off to Kansas City or St. Louis to be processed. Each item in identified by skin type, cleaned in order to restore the oils to the skin, then finished by respraying for color. All of our suede or leather comes with a FREE water repel. We recommend all leather and suede garments be processed once a year in order to ensure the longevity of the skin. These garments can be fragile and change slightly. Please call or email us for a list of ‘risks’ involved in processing your suede or leather garment.

Household Items

All household items are treated with extra care because of the extreme risk these items exhibit when cleaning. All items are assessed for age and sun exposure and then cleaned in a gentle bath with minimum extraction in order to minimize stress on the textile. All household items are then pressed or finished and when returned to you is 100% germ free! Including comforters, feather beds, pillows, stuffed animals, tablecloths, and just about any other household piece you can think of.

  • Comforters, Dry cleaned $32.00
  • Comforters, Washed $23.00
  • Feather Pillows $26.00
  • Futons starting at $52.25
  • Tablecloths $22.75
  • Drapes $4.25 per pleat


All rugs are examined for type and dye type before cleaning and vacuumed on both sides in order to remove as much dirt as possible.  Rugs are then pretreated for stains and then submersed in an extraction bath that gently lifts dirt to the surface of the rug. Rugs should be cleaned every six months or more depending on traffic area, and frequency of pets or children to the area of the rug.

We specialize in Antique Rugs and all Rug Cleaning.

  • Rugs $3.75 per square foot

Providing Exceptional Customer Service